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This website is an educational resource constructed on behalf of the Greenham Common Trust which aims to provide an insight into sustainable development projects and raise awareness of the Greenham Common development.

Who is it for?

The resources are suitable for use in the delivery of geography, business studies, science, citizenship and enterprise.  Alternatively, many of the resources can be used as a basis for cross-curricular project work, particularly in teaching the importance of sustainability and/or the development of enterprise capability.

How is the website structured?

The website is split into areas for primary and for secondary schools.  The secondary school pages contain eight themed areas, each focussing on an aspect of the development of Greenham Common since the early 1990’s.  A range of multimedia resources tell the story of the development.  These have been designed to be accessible directly by students, or used by teachers in their delivery of the curriculum.

Teachers can also access support materials, including activity plans, which help them plan to engage students in learning about Greenham Common.

Teachers may wish to download relevant video clips prior to any classroom activity either onto a PC/laptop from the teachers resources section or, if intending to play directly from the website activity page, could be pre run so that they will play immediately without any buffering delays.

Each activity plan identifies the specific enterprise capabilities which will be developed by students.  For support in assessing these capabilities we endorse the Personal Effectiveness Tool (PET).  For further information visit www.petonline.org.uk