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Quarrying on the Common

This activity aims to engage the students in evaluating the options for dealing with contaminated land and the effects of quarrying on the environment. Students undertake a series of exercises that explore the issues involved, help them understand the scale of the project, examine the costs and logistics in more detail.


To develop an understanding of the issues relating to quarrying.

To critically evaluate the options for dealing with contaminated land. 


A video showing the providing an overview of the project, a PowerPoint and series of exercises that put the project into context.


Quarrying Teachers Notes   3 & 4 PDF 101KB
Quarrying - Teachers Answer Sheet     PDF 98KB
Quarrying - Student Module   3 & 4 PDF 1.13 meg
Quarrying - Glossary     PDF 86KB
Tarmac Ltd Presentation     PPT 4 meg
Quarrying Reprofiling and Gravel - movie Link   WMV 8.4 meg
Quarrying Lower Farm - movie Link   WMV 6.2 meg
Tarmac Impact - movie Link   WMV 8.4 meg

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