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Biodiversity on the Common

This activity aims to engage the students to consider the impact of biodiversity past and present on Greenham Common. This will be completed in a group report of a particular species either flora or fauna, a group presentation on their chosen species and a class-produced ramblers’ guide, incorporating known facts and areas of each group’s particular species.


  • To develop an understanding of biodiversity.

  • To critically evaluate the methods for re-establishing biodiversity.

  • To understand the importance of the positive/negative impact of grazing on the common and to understand the importance of positive/negative impact of human activity on the common.


The student module, the appendix, a series of web links and two short videos that provide an overview of Greenham Common.


Biodiversity Teachers Notes   3 & 4 PDF 93KB
Biodiversity Student Module   3 & 4 PDF 109KB
Biodiversity Glossary   3 & 4 PDF 83KB
Biodiversity Appendix   3 & 4 PDF 95KB
Natural England Greenham Common - movie   WMV 48.9 meg
Impact Natural England - movie   WMV 10.7 meg

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