Secondary school resources

TEACHERS' Guide: Activity summaries

The table below provides a brief overview of the eight activities for the secondary phase. It shows which aspects of the curriculum the activity relates to and the key stages for which it would be appropriate.

Clicking on the link in the table or the left hand column takes you to a fuller description of the activity and provides access to the downloadable supporting materials. 

Each activity includes teacher’s notes which provide suggestions as to how the activities may be used within the classroom.

Whilst each activity is separate and modular in nature, they are all complimentary to each other.

The resources include a mixture of videos, PowerPoints, pdfs and images. As some of the videos are large files, it may be helpful to have downloaded prior to a classroom activity so that they are immediately accessible for use.

To access the full resource that you would use in the classroom, click on the activity bar on the main menu.


ACTIVITY STAGE Curriculum subjects Cross Curricular TIME
    Geography Science Business Citizenship Sustainability Enterprise  
Planning the
Key 3 x     x x x 2.5 hrs
Key 4 x     x x   2.5 hrs
Impact of
Key 3 x       x   3.5 +hrs
Key 4 x       x   3.5 +hrs
Business Park:
Key 3 x         x 1 hr
Key 4 x   x     x 1 hr

Business Park:
Case studies
Dragon's Lair

Key 3           x 1.25 hrs
Key 4     x     x 1.25 hrs

Business Park:
An engine for growth
Youth Distribution

Key 3       x   x 1.33 hrs
Key 4     x x   x 1.33 hrs
Biodiversity on
the Common
Key 3   x     x   6 hrs
Key4   x     x   6 hrs
The Runway * Key 3 x     x x   3 hrs
Key 4 x     x x   3 hrs
Quarrying on  *
the Common
Key 3 x     x x   4 hrs
Key 4 x     x x   4 hrs

* These activities include maths elements within the modules