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What a Load of Rubbish

This introductory activity aims to get children thinking about recycling in their own lives. Children must draw lines from a number of items, to show which recycling bins they should go in.

Two versions are available with varying numbers of items. This activity could be photocopied or completed by the class on the computer, using the projector, by clicking on the words and dragging them to the correct box.

Follow-up work could include a weekly individual audit of materials recycled at home or in the school environment.

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To recognise that resources can be used in different ways and these choices affect the sustainability of the environment.

Education for Sustainable Development

To understand the importance and value of recycling


Teachers Notes - Sustainability   PDF 445kb
What a load of rubbish 1 PDF 143 kb
What a Load of Rubbish - Game 1 Shockwave SWF 420 kb
What a Load of Rubbish - Game 2 Shockwave SWF 428 kb

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