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Newbury Coat

The story of the Newbury Coat is a great way to introduce a piece of local history to children. The PowerPoint presentation tells the story in an easy, accessible way for both Key Stage 1 and 2 children.

This presentation is suitable for use in a Literacy lesson, either being used with the whole class or by individuals at PCs. The activity then encourages children to re-write the text for a younger audience, sequencing the story and presenting it in a cartoon form.

Curriculum Links:

NC History

- To identify differences between ways of life at different times

- To identify and describe reasons for historical changes

- How sources of information help us learn about the past

- To study how an aspect of the local area has changed over time


Read & write for a range of purposes: (retrieve information, sequence, and adapt texts)


Teachers Notes - History   PDF 531 kb
Newbury Coat 1 & 2 PDF 89 kb
The Newbury Coat 1 & 2 PPT 395KB

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