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Grizzled Skipper

This activity focuses on the life cycle of a butterfly found on the Common, that children may not be familiar with. A PowerPoint presentation introduces the species to the children and explains the main parts of the lifecycle. Three activity sheets are available to follow this up.

One is a simple matching activity of a simple text to the life cycle pictures of the grizzled skipper (suitable for upper KS 1). The second and third activities involve choosing the appropriate descriptions, from a text, to place on a life cycle diagram. (Suitable for KS 2)

Curriculum Links:

NC Science

Sc2 - Life processes & living things - Life cycles


Sequencing texts


Teachers Notes 1 & 2 PDF 97KB
Grizzled Skipper - Game 1 & 2 Shockwave SWF 148 kb
Grizzled Skipper - Presentation   Power Point PPT 944 kb
Grizzled Skipper Activities 1 & 2 PDF 277 kb

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