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What is it?

These are designed to stand alone, but teachers are encouraged to use several of the activities in order for the children to gain a fuller insight into the biodiversity of the Common. All information is provided for the teacher, with three of the activities using a PowerPoint presentation as the introduction.  Used within the classroom, this provides a highly visual introduction for the class. Photocopiable activities are also provided.

This simple starter activity introduces the children to a number of species of more unusual plant and animal that can be found on Greenham Common. The children identify from a list of names which they think are plants, butterflies or birds. Follow-up activities could involve then finding out what these species look like. There are two versions of this activity, meaning it is suitable for use in both Key Stage 1 and 2. A picture resource sheet is available with this unit, showing images of all the plants and animals listed.

Curriculum Links:

NC Science

Sc2 -  Life processes & living things


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