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Greenham - Common Inheritance

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Greenham common: History

Greenham Common has, for most of its history, been common land used by local farmers and cottagers.

Primitive man roamed the local area, using flints for tools. An old axe was found at Banks Farm - now Crookham Manor and coins and pottery from Roman times have also been found.

Many different armies have used the common too. In 1643 during the Civil War there was a lot of fighting in the area.

In 1745 the Common was used as a base for English troops during the Jacobite Rebellion.

During World War II, the Common was completely taken over by the British and American armies and the runways that used to run across the common were built for military aeroplanes.

In the 1980's dangerous missiles were brought to the site as part of the Cold War, which led to the Greenham peace women protesting for many years.

But in 1997, Greenham Common Trust purchased the former airbase and began to restore the Common for local people to enjoy again.